The song There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp holds a valuable place in my heart. He sings, “Troubled soul don’t lose your heart, cause joy and peace he brings.” God brings us through battles that we don’t necessarily want to fight, but a lesson always withholds at the end of the battle. We will choose to beat the battle, or allow the battle to beat us.

Lately I’ve faced a heartbreak that I put myself through. I put my faith into another human being, rather than in God. Placing our hearts in human hands only leads to disaster. God did not place all of us on this planet together to put every ounce of life into another’s hands. He placed us here to support each other and help each other. Our souls should prosper in God’s hands.

My heart has been broke by many people. I’ve felt pain and anger towards others, but I’ve been able to over look those faults and move on, until a few months ago, when I pushed myself as low as I could possibly imagine. I would wake up in the morning, make it through my school day, and find a party to attend. I was angry, I lost my faith, and I was ready to be gone. But then my miracle happened-

I was driving. It was pouring out. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t care. Somehow, I ended up at the “Big Blue House” I grew up in. I stopped and looked at it for a few minutes. That’s where my life began. That’s where my faith began, and that was my home. I remembered myself playing outside or doing yard work with my dad (even though I wasn’t much help) but those memories put a smile on my face, a smile that had been gone for months. I felt butterflies in my heart, like God brought me there for a reason. I realized the true meaning of my life at that point, I realized that the fight I was fighting wasn’t so bad after all. God gives us darkness to help us notice all the small things in life, especially those that we take for granted.

I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound (Phillipians 4:12) Although I can say that those four months I suffered were the lowest moments in my life, I can also say that I rose from them. After that day I met my aunt at church and I attended every Sunday. I forgave the person who hurt me and allowed them back into my life, which brought me to another low that I am now abounding from.

You see, when we beg God for riches, or fame, or even love, eventually he will give it to us, and that is where we learn. I begged God for someone that He knew wasn’t right for me, but He handed it to me so I could see what He saw. Although it failed and it hurt bad, God showed me the true colors of someone I saw the world in. He showed me that he has a greater plan, a plan greater than I could possibly imagine.

My soul was troubled and my heart was heavy, but the greatest decision that I made was placing my pain in God’s hands, versus another persons. I wanted to run to someone else so badly, but no one could possibly show me the love that my God can. Having hope in God’s plan can be so hard at times, especially during our battles. During our times of trial are when we need to become closer to God. Cling to Him, not to others. He will show you your value and potential, and grant you everlasting hope.



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