You won’t find happiness if you don’t allow happiness to find you. Stop allowing one problem to steal freedom from your heart. Go out and do something, don’t wait.

Stop worrying about what that one person thinks and do it. They don’t care, and if they do they will come back and want to experience happiness with you, if not you’ll find someone along the way. Until then, experience life on your own.

Go on a long drive and bring someone with you and let them talk as you listen. Go adventure in the snow even though you hate it because you might learn to love it. Go apply for colleges you don’t even want to attend because just receiving the acceptance letter will make you feel good. Go to a new town, find a new restaurant, and try something on the menu that you would usually never eat, because you might actually like it. Go visit your grandmother because she always knows what to say. Go lay in bed with your mom and talk about simple things because those opportunities are ending soon. Wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise, watch the sunset the same day, you’ll be amazed at the peace you find. Go drive an hour to see some of your best friends because often times they are letting life drag them down, and seeing you will give them an opportunity to catch back up. Say something to put a smile on someone’s face because most the time making someone smile, allows you to smile too. Go and donate. Not just your money, but your time. Often times people would rather the company anyway. Go call your dad and tell him “I’m on my way,” even though he wasn’t expecting you. Sometimes last minute plans create the best memories.

Be wild, be spontaneous, and be yourself. Spending time worrying about what anyone thinks is draining your happiness. Happiness is such a rare attribute to find in people nowadays. Make the best out of life while you’re here, don’t wait.


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