We have the tendacy to believe that people actually change, whether it’s for good or bad, people do NOT change. The line “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t exactly what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about growth. You learn from your circumstance and you build off of it, you do not change.

I guess the phrase “you’ve changed” has always shot a spring of anger through my body. How would you know if I’ve changed? I’m learning.

I’ve heard it all from “if you don’t change this, it won’t work out” or, “you’ve changed for the better, but it’s still not good enough.” These lines actually upset me so much that I had a tattoo placed on my right arm about it. My tattoo says “Just as I am” meaning that I am who I am. I’m not changing. I’m growing. God loves me. I’m shaping my life for Him, not for you.

I will not change to fit anyone’s standards. Honestly I can’t. It’s too hard to be someone you’re not, it’s too hard to fit the list of someone else. It’s impossible. Jesus died to love me for who I am, so why would I change for you? You haven’t died for me, you haven’t felt my pain, you haven’t walked through my shoes.

The people who felt I “changed” were missing something. They missed that my circumstances made me realize some hard facts. Maybe I felt they didn’t fit into my life anymore, or maybe they removed themselves because I was growing too quickly for them to keep up. Either way I’m better than I was before. I learn every time I “change.” I grow every time I’m left. I flourish on my own.

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